We are the ONLY truck podcast that isn’t owned by a large corporation or media outlet. This means a few things. First, we don’t have any quotas to fill or commissions to make. Second, our motive is not to sell you our own products and services. The content we bring you is the exact same content that we would want to listen to ourselves. The brands we suggest are ones we personally trust and have used on our own vehicles. We make sure they also share in the same vision and passion for the diesel community as we do - as diesel fans.

The Diesel Podcast was created to bring the diesel community together with information, cool stories about fixing, building and maintaining diesel trucks. We wanted to tell stories and cover topics, without relying on listeners calling us to buy a truck part. That would allow us to talk about any topic, from any brand, on any model truck based on what our fans wanted to hear.

This is our full-time job and your support is critical to helping our show. Our goal is to keep our passion and small business roots, no matter how many downloads we get. Your support helps us deliver more content, organize giveaways, cover events and builds in more detail and show the diesel community is here to stay. We couldn’t do any of this without you, our awesome fans!


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Creator/Host: Patrick Ellis

Creator/Executive Producer: Michelle Nicole

Austin Wright with Wrights Diesel Services